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Our nonprofit organization will concentrate its educational and outreach activities in youth most directly affected by hardship brought on by destitution, with an emphasis on low- and middle-income, multicultural, and poor communities. Also providing seniors citizens with help to achieve a better quality of life.  Our non-profit organization will seek resources that our youth and seniors can use to improve their “Quality of Life”.

Our Mission

Our Mission at “Connecting Winona, Inc.” is to involve children and their families with a program which teaches community involvement, Academic and Social skills that will provide them with recreational, physical and fundamental activities to help develop progressive family values. Giving participants an opportunity to experience creative methods of accumulating awareness of a health and wellness lifestyle that will enhance the mind, body and spirit. Therefore, providing positive youth development, mentorship and adult skill training to establish success in the area of health and life.

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Connecting Winona Inc.

Engaging Seniors and Development of Youth

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